Hands Free Outsourcing

Hands Free Outsourcing is a practical guide to the most
effective ways to help you manage your business.

Hands Free Outsourcing teaches the five core components of outsourcing your entire business, but goes well beyond that. The sales page tells you more: Hands Free Outsourcing

It also includes seven (count ‘em, seven) complementary bonuses including an incredible checklist that makes outsourcing a breeze, a 31 day guide to outsourcing, and much more.

I want you to think about this scenario, for a moment…

Let me ask you… do you like going out to nice restaurants? I do, because I don’t have to set the table, cook the food, wash the dishes… all I have to do is tell the waitress or waiter what I want and it’s delivered to me around 15 minutes later.

If I had to do all the preparation, it would probably take me 2 hours to get everything ready, or else I just wouldn’t do it, I’d just have a bag of microwave popcorn, knowing me.

Now, thinking about that, surely you can see the benefits of delegating some of the more mundane tasks in your business to those who can do those tasks, while you do others, such as idea generation, right?

Hands Free Outsourcing is a practical guide to the most
effective ways to help you manage your business.

Here’s something posted elsewhere on this site, I want you to read, without having to look for it…

Outsourcing – do you hear about it all the time but still are not employing it? Maybe you do know about it but you’re still unsure about it… I reckon you’re unsure because of one very common reason many people do not outsource – the cost.

In this article, I’m going to reveal to you 3 reasons about why outsourcing can bring in much more money to you than you expect! They are time multiplication, talent exploitation and positioning power.Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Time multiplication – by outsourcing your work to someone else, you are in effect leveraging off someone else’s time. We are all bound by the same 24 hours – we all know that time is precious – therefore, all the more we should find ways to multiply it in order to spend time with our loved ones.

Which leads me to the next point – talent exploitation.

Every single one of us is gifted in one area over another. You may be great in writing articles but you’re hopeless when it comes to site setting up, or you may be gifted in graphic design but have absolutely zero knowledge in terms of marketing your skills.

By outsourcing, you take advantage of another person’s talent and skills. Remember time multiplication? This ties in closely as we don’t have the time to pick up and master all the skills in the world.

Why not get an expert who has invested the hours, the skills, the learning… and leverage off that? Everybody wins – you get great quality work which would have taken you forever to create!

Last but not least… positioning power.

The brutal truth is that we live in a world where champions and leaders are celebrated. By outsourcing, you are essentially the boss. And people want to speak with you. If you’re working and doing everything yourself and you can’t make the leadership decisions, you’re hardly in the right position to improve your business.

Also, if you did not outsource, you would be juggling everything yourself… saving yourself some cost in the short term – but losing the real money in the long run.

So, I ask you once again, is cost still the reason holding you back from exploding your business profits? It’ll cost you more NOT to outsource! Start seeking ways to multiply your time, make use of talents and position yourself as the person of power today by outsourcing!

(Article written by Asher Aw)

Hands Free Outsourcing is a practical guide to the most effective ways
to help you manage your business.

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