Virtual Assistants – Top 20 Things I Love About My VA (And Why All Entrepreneurs Should Hire a VA)

Summary: The following article is on the Top Twenty Reasons Why Felicia Slattery Really Likes Having a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistants – Top 20 Things I Love About My VA (And Why All Entrepreneurs Should Hire a VA)

By Felicia Slattery

Solo professionals are entrepreneurs who often wear many different hats. But many of us soon find trying to do everything will soon wear us down. Plus who doesn’t have things they either don’t like or don’t know how to do? We all do!

What’s the solution? Hire a virtual assistant. I hired my virtual assistant– that’s VA for short — in October 2006. I still work with her to this day. Why? Because she is a professional who truly helps my bottom line. Long before my small, home-based coaching business was profitable, I had “My Lisa,” as I call her, taking care of me and the technical needs of my business. Since I have hired Lisa, I no longer beat my head against a wall trying to figure out what is usually gobbledy-gook to me. What’s more, I have seen a dramatic increase in my cash flow because of working with her.

Here are the top 20 reasons I love working with my VA and why you should consider hiring one for your small business, too:

1. She gets things done when I ask.

2. She does things for me without me having to ask.

3. She saves me from myself.

4. She is always there for me.

5. She makes me feel like I am her only client.

6. She makes me feel like I am her best client.

7. She knows a lot more than I do about tech stuff.

8. She doesn’t bother me with the details of said tech stuff.

9. She keeps my online business humming.

10. She resolves any and all problems quickly.

11. She’s nice and friendly and professional all at once.

12. She “gets” me and my business.

13. She reminds me about long lost project ideas I came up with months ago.

14. She promotes my business when it’s appropriate.

15. She’s fabulous in a self-made emergency/time crunch (made by my self, not her!)

16. She knows where to find resources that can be useful to me.

17. She offers suggestions about doing things effectively and efficiently that I never thought of.

18. She can read my mind.

19. She makes me feel important and special.

20. She is willing to admit her mistakes. (I know after all that you’d think she’s perfect, but she’s only human like the rest of us!)

In fact, because my business has grown so well working with my first VA, I’ve now hired a second permanent VA to my team to handle other tasks. Outsourcing can be a wonderful thing indeed… especially if it frees you up to do whatever it is you’re best at. All solo professionals who want home business success should ask themselves, “What is it costing me not to hire a virtual assistant?”

Another piece a VA can help you with Effective communication with your clients and prospects. When you communicate effectively your business will be successful. The first thing you need to communicate– and continue to communicate — is your credibility. Without credibility, your business will go nowhere. With it, you’ll automatically attract new clients and see positive cash flow.

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Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed. is a communication consultant, speaker & coach specializing in training small and home-based business owners effective communication skills so they can see more cash flow now.

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Summary: The preceding article was on the Top Twenty Reasons Why Felicia Slattery Really Likes Having a Virtual Assistant.

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